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Making work more equitable, effective, and enjoyable 

I am so glad we decided to work with Hannah for our staff retreat.

She was a fantastic partner helping us brainstorm and design smart and effective ways for developing our team. Our staff loved her interactive facilitation style and we will absolutely be bringing her back next year!”


-Rachael Goldenberg, Chief of Staff

  Congressman Josh Harder

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Hannah was truly a lifesaver when planning our retreat. She took away so much of the logistical stress by planning and executing engaging and thoughtful activities that perfectly met our team’s needs. Everyone enjoyed working with her and we hope to have her back for future retreats!”

-Tara Rountree, Chief of Staff

 Congressman Donald McEachin

“Hannah brings unique expertise and revitalizing energy to complex questions of workplace culture.


Working with her illuminates what’s possible and has helped me learn to see clear ways to make progress through policies, programs, and behaviors. It’s fascinating to learn from her breadth of experience building equity and staff wellbeing and she has a remarkable record of success bringing big ideas to life."

-Sarah Unz

Vice President of Community Partnerships

National Park Foundation

“I am consistently delighted and impressed by Hannah every time we speak. Her deep dedication to issues around inclusivity, diversity, equity, and anti-racism, help me see new sides to issues I’m working through.


I like to think of myself as someone who’s thoughtful about and committed to moving the needle on these issues. And still, Hannah always lights a new path for me. Her insights and thoughtfulness – and great questions – have been so valuable in helping me to develop new partnerships and projects. If you have an opportunity to pick her brain (for pay, of course!), do it!”


-Kimiko Martinez

 Chief Marketing and Communications Officer

  Yosemite Conservancy

"I would highly recommend working with Hannah for your next project or workshop! Hannah has been working with NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries for the past four years on LGBTQ inclusion campaigns during Pride Month and National Ocean Month to great success. Hannah is deeply knowledgeable, innovative, and an exceptional collaborator on inclusive messaging and community outreach strategies. We also partnered with her to host an engaging and informative workshop educating agencies and businesses on creating safe and inclusive spaces for visitors."

-Shannon Shikles, Digital Outreach Coordinator, National Marine Sanctuary Foundation for NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries.

"Hannah has been an invaluable asset for me in my career progression.

She not only helps me to identify the barriers that are standing in my way toward making progress, she also gives me specific tools to use in moving past those barriers and past any new barriers that may arise in the future. I have made more progress toward my career goals in just two months of working with her than I had in the past three years combined."

-Lorrel Plimier

"It has been a delight to work with Hannah during my career transition! With Hannah I feel confident that I will stay on track with my career goals. I tend to get caught up in the weeds of my everyday tasks and forget to keep my eyes lifted and on the big picture. Hannah is a great listener - often hearing that I'm saying something when I don't realize it myself - and asks amazing follow-up questions to make sense of my messy thoughts and help me gain clarity on my goals and underlying emotions and motivations. When I feel lost with my progress, she comes up with great ideas for how to analyze where I've come from and where I'm headed, as well as how to measure that success. I wholeheartedly recommend Hannah Malvin for career coaching!"

-Sarah Pinho

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